Thought I’d Spend the Weekend Lasering, but…

Since I had the weekend freed up for using the engraver but am now stuck in a holding pattern, I took the time to install a drawer that allows me to access the back of the machine.  I also crafted a cover out of some scrap vinyl to protect it from my other garage activities.  This shelf is 5 feet from a cat door I’ll use for the exhaust duct.  I have a single-car garage and a full workbench so space is at a premium.  

I’ll start working on the coolant setup so that I’m ready for the new tube.

…and accessory package.

Again, all this was packaged in layers of bubble wrap in a padded box.  Everything checked out good.  The adapter for the main power cord (not shown) is not grounded so I dug out a regular PSU cord.  And the cheap, plastic duct (not shown) will be replaced something more sturdy.  The software installed without a problem but the dongle is an annoying security feature.   
Will hook everything up and give it a go after the laser tube is replaced.  Happy LoveShopping responded to my e-mail with a promise to replace the tube.

Arrival of the New Machine…

Received the new Laser cutter today from e-bay seller – Happy LoveShopping. 







Great packaging!  Unboxing the machine took a while as it was double-boxed and bound in about 10 layers of bubble wrap. 

The electronics compartment looked good, no obvious damage.  The engraving compartment was looked good with the XY-axis secured with red ribbon.  Neither cover was secured like the rear, with one screw holding it closed. 

















After removing the screw and opening the laser compartment, I found that the tube had damage on the output side.  Where the coolant tube attaches, the glass nipple had broken off.  I’ve seen this on another website but the tube was replaced without too much hassle, guess I’ll see if their service after the sale lives up to their reputation.  I can’t imagine how they could have packaged this better except to have shipped the tube separately.
















The second box was delayed and should arrive tomorrow…