Post Mortem – 3d Printed Surfboard

Well, I should have known better than to take this out on an epic, head-high day.  I was taking on a little water but not enough to worry about.  The board was light and responsive but the surf wasn’t cooperating.  After about the 5th ride I could feel the lamination separating.  Before I could take that one last ride into the beach, I snapped her spirit and she broke my heart.  But what great time I had until that moment!  Not sure it was worth all the effort now but secretly I’m planning the next one…

Surfboard 1 Surfboard 2 Surfboard 3

1 thought on “Post Mortem – 3d Printed Surfboard

  1. A great effort.
    A typical surfboard has a glassing schedule of 2 x 4oz layers on top and 1 x 4 oz layer on the bottom. Your video does not say how many layers you used. If it was just one layer per side even a stringered foam blank would snap very quickly so maybe just a change to the glassing schedule or the inclusion of some carbon tape top and bottom as a stringer might go a long way to solving the breakage issue..
    Good luck with any future projects, you are onto something there so don’t give up, surfing NEEDS innovation.

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