ESP8266 WiFi Module Experimentation

ESP8266I received two WiFi modules today from  These are the newly found and very cheap boards discussed on I thought they might work better than the NRF24L01+ modules I’ve been testing for my IoT RaspiBadger side project.  Here’s my initial notes to get started:

I’m using the Arduino UNO with this module.  The 3.3v/Gnd/Rx/Tx pins of the WiFi Module are directly attached to the same pins on the UNO.  I believe I have the Revision 1 (using cmd AT+GMR gives 01000800), the Rev 2 has additional IO pins as well as a reset and ?Enable? pin.  Rev 2 will likely not work the way I will describe below for the Rev 1.  I tried connecting the WiFi to a pair of AAA batteries at 2.95V and I didn’t get consistent results.  I’ll have to explore this further as my end goal is to run this off batteries.

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