Doll Beds – But don’t tell anyone I know how to sew…

My daughter was looking at some doll beds in a catalog, you know, the one with the $350 car.  So back to the garage for a little woodworking.  I managed to get some good detail on the headboard and rails with a beading bit on the router. This is also the first time I used traditional mortise and tenon joinery; they just don’t make pocket screws small enough for a project like this.  The post feet and caps were made on the 3d printer to save me some time.  Before I had the printer I probably would have bought or made a small lathe to turn out the small parts.

Worked out great, I printed extra parts so she can split the beds into two singles.  We spent some time with a Singer hand-held sewing machine and some fabric to make a couple mattress covers and pillows. YouTube showed us how to close up the pillows so that the thread didn’t show at the seams.

Baby girl is happy, daddy’s happy.


Doll Bunkbed

Winter Break Project

Ally and I were watching Tommy MacDonald build some bird houses on Rough Cut and decided we’d do something creative today.  Off to Lowes for supplies and in a couple hours, Ally learned how to use some power tools and we have the yard ready for the birds when they return in the spring.

No paint - no frills, just pure bird house they way they like it.

No paint – no frills, just pure bird house they way they like it.

Junior Woodworker

Junior Woodworker