Lego Dimensions Organizer

Matej received Lego Dimensions for his birthday and needed a place to store everything.  His Skylander collection in taking up all the space in the coffee table so I made him (me) this organizer.  With all the character swapping during the game this worked out perfect!  And it will look good in a month when he’s done playing the game.

The board came from the scrap pile, cut to size and Lego character spots were cut on the drill press with a forstner bit and I chiseled out a spot for the portal/base.  The bottom half of the edge was beveled 45 degrees to make it easier to pick up.  Should have cut a little storage area under the portal to keep the little bits and pieces that were left over.


Sign for the House

Over the last year I slowly worked on a fancy beach sign for the house. Mostly the vacation and rental homes have them but Ally insisted that we have one too! I spent the most time deciding on the layout. Finally with design in hand, I loaded it into the CNC Router and got started. This also gave me a reason to add endstops for my x/y axis which made aligning the various layers much easier than the eyeballing I had done previously. My kids helped me with the painting, we used an acrylic paint with a couple coats of poly to finish it off.

I’ve had it up for a while now and it still looks good and garners many compliments from many a passersby.

CNC Routed with 1.25" v-bit and .5" roundover bit.

CNC Routed with 1.25″ v-bit and .5″ roundover bit.

Two coats of primer

Painted as originally intended.

Painted as originally intended.

Painted and Mounted.

Painted and Mounted.

View from the street