The Controller Project – the penultimate entry

My how this thing has grown out of control.  I was browsing the forum at and saw someone needed a way to use the front buttons on a console controller with one hand.  So here’s my solution for them.  Files and video posted to:







All those levers enable the player to control both sides with one hand.

Cool Beans!

The Controller Project – Video

Assembly video and function check now available at:

After perusing The Controller Project forums, I saw that another solution was begging to be made that pulls all the front buttons to one side so I’m currently printing another modification.

The Controller Project Contest Entry

Finished the initial design for the XBox 360 controller mod for The Controller Project contest.  Source files and instructions listed at Thingiverse:

This is sturdy and functional and can be printed on a 6 x 6 printer bed.

Will post assembly and demo video later.  Any suggestions for improvement will be acted upon!  Especially if you are using this thing.








Blinds Keeper

I couldn’t find a set of those little clips that hold your blinds in place so they don’t thrash about when you open the door.  A few minutes with OpenSCAD and 18 minutes on the printer and now I have one more household project tackled!  It would have cost more at the store if I could have found them, and I’ve already spent more time looking at Lowes and online for these than I did making them myself.

Blinds Keeper (2)

Blinds Keeper