3dScan – Turntable

The Battery pack has been replaced and wired to accept a 5.5mm jack.  Without the batteries holding the top connector in place, I insulated the connections with tape and then pressed paper filler into the cavity behind the connector.






The turntable came together in a few hours.  I still need to develop a drive system.  I am thinking about using an old gear from a “Wade’s Geared Extruder” thing.  I’ll have to design a track to run the perimeter of the turntable for the gear to turn and hold the top.  Here’s some shots of my progress so far.

tablebase3 tablebase2 tablebase1















The table is 23.5 inches in diameter in 3/4 inch plywood.  The chair caster wheels will support the weight of the average person.  A 5/16″ bolt through the top and into the base with a 608 skate bearing holds the top disk on center.  The top was flexing a little bit so I may double up the thickness later if it becomes a problem.